9 Reasons Why Every Man Should Own a Properly Tailored Suit

9 Reasons Why Every Man Should Own a Properly Tailored Suit

If you don’t have a custom suit yet, it’s time to get one now. Every man needs one to step up their game to the next level. Here are nine reasons why every man should own a properly tailored suit.

You Only Need One

You deserve a striking, fitted suit. There are infinite ways to accessorize with ties, shoes, pocket squares, and lapels to make it versatile for different occasions.

Custom Suits > Nice Suits

Just because you own a “nice” suit doesn’t mean it looks great on you. Make the suit flatter your body. A custom, sleek suit is a way to channel your inner James Bond.

The Perfect Fit Is Motivating

It can inspire you to stay in shape or to grow your career. You’ll find more opportunities to show it off.

Confidence will shine through. It’s magnetic to those around you, whether you want to be irresistible to women or impress your boss for a promotion.

Social Nights Will Look Snazzy

You will need to look fly some nights and dress up for date night, weddings, or other parties. It is for nights like these that each man needs a properly tailored suit.

A custom suit makes you look put together and competently fashionable.

Dress To Impress

Somewhere along your career path, you will need a suit for an interview, a special meeting, a promotion, a business conference, or a public presentation. Having a suit that fits you like a glove increases your opportunities for success because you show how professional and respectable you are.

Built To Last

Custom suits are worth the investment. Tailors create suits with better materials, thus helping them last longer than basic suits. These fabrics are stronger and easier to move in.

You’ll get more attention to detail compared to a suit made from an assembly line machine. Since custom suits are so versatile, you can wear yours for many events to come.

Wear the Perfect Fit

Do you know if your current suit fits properly? An off-the-rack one will rarely fit your body perfectly, and a suit that doesn’t fit well will look and feel tacky.

You want one to hug the correct places and be the right length where it needs to be. This can be nearly impossible to find from a department store—all the more reason to splurge on a custom suit that will fit you perfectly.

Hack the Thin Slicing Phenomenon

Most people made snap judgments within seconds of meeting others. Based on this thin-slicing idea, participants in a study rated men wearing tailored suits higher upon first glimpse than those who weren’t.

Get a tailored suit, and you will set yourself up for unshakeable initial impressions.

Show Off Your Individuality

With a custom suit, you won’t look like a cookie-cutter man fresh out of a department store, following the bromide of common suits. You will naturally exude freedom and individuality.

Invest in yourself and a prosperous future with a custom suit. You deserve it.

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