3 Ways To Boost Your Performance Car’s Acceleration

3 Ways To Boost Your Performance Car’s Acceleration

Are you looking to maximize the acceleration of your performance vehicle? Whether you’re modding your car for drag racing or are looking to make your car more powerful and fun, check out our guide to boosting your performance car’s acceleration!

The Two Methods for Boosting Acceleration in Cars

Before we get into the mechanical modifications and upgrades, we should overview the two general philosophies regarding increasing acceleration. The first way is to improve the power output of the wheels—this performance modification increases the overall power and makes it easier for the engine to translate raw power directly to the wheels.

The other method is reducing the factors holding back the vehicle’s performance. Manufacturers don’t make cars with performance as the sole concern—even high-performance models.

Your performance car can afford to lose a few things without compromising safety.

How to Increase Your Vehicle’s Acceleration

Performance Upgrades

The first and perhaps most obvious way to boost your performance car’s acceleration is with high-performance upgrades.

These refer to the OEM components of your car, like the tires, suspension, and spark plugs. You can swap them out for aftermarket, high-performance options that increase performance and acceleration.

If your car has a manual clutch, a performance flywheel can improve vehicle performance in acceleration and throttle response. These small changes add up to a performance vehicle with acceleration at the forefront.

Add a Cold Air Intake

Did you know that adding a cold air intake can increase acceleration? This device brings cool, oxygen-rich air into the engine’s combustion chamber, providing better combustion and greater raw power output.

You may not think air temperature and oxygen density matter that much, but you’ll immediately notice the extra power your vehicle displays.

Put Your Car on a Diet

The two philosophies regarding acceleration increase include upgrading your vehicle and reducing what’s holding it back, like its weight. The simplest method to help your car get out of the blocks faster is to reduce its weight.

If you’ve got random items in your car’s cabin and trunk, remove them immediately. Here are other ways to lighten your vehicle:

  • Remove the spare tire and jack
  • Swap out OEM seats for racing seats
  • Remove the radio and speakers
  • Replace the copper/brass radiator with an aluminum one

We hope our guide has given you some ideas on maximizing your vehicle’s acceleration potential. Remember to address both methods of acceleration increase—removing obstructions and improving power output.