3 Important Tips for Decluttering Before You Move

3 Important Tips for Decluttering Before You Move

Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, a common issue with phones today is battery life. Every year, the newest and greatest phones come onto the market, and although battery life has increased over time, it’s still an ongoing issue with this form of technology.

Luckily, there are several tips you can use to preserve your phone’s battery life. Use a few of these tips on a daily basis and enjoy a phone that you’ll need to charge much less frequently.

Apps Galore

Downloading one app after another adds up over time. Some apps take up more space than others, but a large number of apps in general will affect a phone’s overall speed and battery life.

The most important aspect in regard to battery life is how many apps you have open at a time. The more apps that are running in the background of your phone, the more battery juice your phone will require to operate.

Start a habit of completely closing out of an app once you’re done with it to negate this issue.

Tracking Services

Often, when you first start using an app, it will ask you if it can track your location. To save some energy, click “only when using the app.” If you don’t choose this option, you’re giving the app permission to track your location at all times.

For some people, this can be an issue of privacy. But at the very least, your battery will thank you for not allowing apps to track your location 24-7.

Brightness Levels

Your phone screen can vary in brightness. Some phones have features that automatically dim the screen when they detect low light levels in an effort to prevent eye strain.

However, dimming the screen throughout the entire day saves a lot of battery life. Of course, it doesn’t have to be so dim that using the device is difficult, but when you turn down the brightness as much as possible, your battery life will increase.

Keep in mind that some phones simply reach the end of their lives, in which case these tips may not work. If you think this is the case for you, consider disposing of your device appropriately.

And when you purchase that brand-new phone, keep up with these tips to preserve your phone’s battery life as much as possible.

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