3 Design Mistakes That Make Your Bedroom Feel Smaller

3 Design Mistakes That Make Your Bedroom Feel Smaller

Poor interior design can make any bedroom feel cramped and suffocating. No matter your room’s square footage, your choices can open the space and make it more comfortable.

Bedroom design doesn’t have to be complicated, and small changes can make a big difference in how your room feels. Learn three design mistakes that make your bedroom feel smaller.

Oversized Furniture

Large furniture might seem attractively sturdy and imposing, but it takes up valuable floor space. The most common problem is an excessively large bed frame dominating the room and not letting you move around easily.

The first step in choosing the perfect bed frame is to measure the room’s dimensions. Remember to keep two to three feet of space clear on the sides and foot of the bed for optimal maneuverability.

Dark, Heavy Colors

Darker colors like gray, black, and brown are considered more masculine. But overusing these colors is a common design mistake that makes bedrooms feel smaller instead of warm and welcoming.

If your bedroom walls are dark and you have dark-colored furniture, changing some of those hues will make the room feel more expansive. You can also incorporate masculine-associated materials, like steel and leather, to add depth to the room without darkening it.

Opt for neutral colors and lighter tones like soft whites, beiges, and grays to reflect light. As a bonus, you can choose a calming color palette when designing the perfect bedroom for sleep.

Visual Clutter

Too many furniture pieces, accessories, and personal items can make your bedroom feel overwhelming and chaotic. Fortunately, controlling clutter doesn’t mean you have to be a minimalist or extremely neat.

Donate, throw away, or sell items you no longer use. Smart storage solutions like under-bed drawers and wall-mounted shelves help keep the space organized and tidy.

Your room should primarily hold items that make the space functional. But you can still showcase a few decorative accessories that are important to you or exude your style—just be intentional and selective so you can leave more open space in the room.

Oversized furniture, dark colors, and visual clutter make bedrooms feel cramped. Avoid these design mistakes to maximize your bedroom’s potential.